How we customize your workouts    
Whether you are a triathlete, a master swimmer, or someone who just wants to improve fitness through swimming, 5000SwimWorkouts is the place for you!
- Our goal is to help you improve your technical proficiency, fitness level and ultimately swimming performance.

The number one way to improve is to have the proper training system in place.
1. Test
2. Analyze the Test
3. Plan according to the Analysis
4. Follow the plan
5. Re-Test
and so on until you compete.

Using our techniques, you devise a training plan using our Training Plan Generator. Workouts are then assigned to each week of the plan and sent to you at the beginning of each training week.

How We Do It
The specificity of your training speeds, as well as specific stroke counts to hold throughout the workout, is outlined in each workout that is e-mailed to you. These speeds and stroke counts should change after each 3-week cycle. We get the data from specific test sets that are incorporated into scheduled workouts, which can produce training speed results and efficiency indexes. Data from these test sets is analyzed and results are put into our database. Workouts are then prepared using these training speeds and indexes.

First step
Our first step is to gather information about you and your present fitness level, time commitment, and personal goals and aspirations. This is taken into consideration when your training plan is being set up. You should expect continuous improvement when following your training plan. Workouts are designed with drill sets to increase awareness of the water, as well as training sets with personal target speeds and stroke counts for you to achieve throughout the workout.

How You Keep Track
You simply record your test set or challenge set data and enter it into your personal member area of The system does the rest!
You can view your personal results history from the member pages to see how you improve over time. Lost your emails? No problem, check all the workouts that were sent to you in your personal Training Log Book section. You will be able to keep specific notes on the sets you performed.