How is the season training plan devised?
You have complete control of your seasonal training plan. We give you the tools and advice on how to set it up, and you go wild. Once it is set up, the appropriate workouts are pulled into the plan.

How long is each practice session?
All practice sessions are set to be within the time frame that you indicated at registration. The mileage will vary from session to session according to the training plan.

How individualized are the workouts?
Each workout is tailored to the athlete's schedule and ability as analyzed in the test sets completed within the workouts. Each workout contains the athlete’s personal training parameters i.e., training paces, target times and stroke counts.

What types of training equipment do I need?
Workout sessions will include a variety of training aids to facilitate improvement. The basic requirements other than suit and goggles would be a pair of pull buoys, a pair of hand paddles and a pair of fins.

How do I get my heart rates in the workout setting?
The use of a heart rate monitor is the most accurate method of getting heart rates. There are currently many different monitors on the market. The most important aspect you should look for in a heart rate monitor is that it should be able to read your heart rate within the first 3-5 seconds. If you do not own a heart rate monitor or will not have one for a while, you can check it manually.

Will I be doing other strokes during the workouts?
Workouts are geared towards distance events done in Front Crawl. Although there is not a lot of work done on the Breaststroke, Butterfly and Backstroke, sets can be replaced with one of those strokes.

How much kicking is involved in each workout session?
There will be kicking involved in most of the workouts to a varying degree depending on that particular weekly cycle. Most of the kicking will be done through different kicking drills that help establish the proper body position when swimming.

How often will I taper throughout the season?
Generally speaking, you should fully taper no more than three times throughout a one-year cycle. Depending on your competition schedule and the events you select as your major competition dates, you may do a few "mini" tapers and one or two major tapers.

What if I want to increase the number of sessions I have registered to train?
After you have registered, any change is possible. Simply go into the My Info section of the member pages.

When are training breaks scheduled?
You can schedule training breaks whenever you feel the need. In our proprietary "Training Plan" builder, you will be given advice on where these breaks should occur.

Can I look at my past results?
Throughout each three-week cycle, specific test sets are incorporated into the workouts. The results of these test sets are entered, by you, into the data entry section of the member pages and those results are analyzed and stored in our database. You can access your previous results and the data derived from them. All results come formatted in easy-to-understand language and graphs.

How soon do I start getting workouts after signing up?
Once you have entered your initial test set results, you will be able to create your training plan and begin getting the workouts you need.

What security functions does 5000SwimWorkouts.com use?
The most critical facet of electronic commerce on the Internet is security. Consumers are spending more and more money on-line, but they require constant reassurance that their transactions are secure and that their credit information is safe. 5000SwimWorkouts uses the PayPal merchant gateway for all transactions. No transactions are completed on the 5000 Swim Workouts Website.

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