Triathlete Swim Training Program    
Are you looking for explosive workout routines designed to make you the fastest swimmer in a triathlon?

The swimming leg in a triathlon competition can be grueling. If you dive in without preparation, you might just end up frustrated in not finishing the race because of over exhaustion. Sure you are a great swimmer, but we can give you the perfect swimming workout routines to make you even better.

Swimming in a triathlon is not the same as swimming in the pool.

When swimming in a triathlon, one must be prepared for a long distance swim. Depending on the required distance in a given triathlon event, triathletes are required to swim distances ranging from 750 meters, to a grueling 3.8 kilometers. The conditions are not the same as swimming in the pool. In a triathlon you are swimming on open water where there are constant waves that can really take on your body’s toll. When swimming in a triathlon event, you must keep in mind that this is only the beginning of the race. After the swimming event, you’ll need to go straight to the cycling event and the running event. You will need balanced strokes to

So what do triathletes do to prepare for this event?

Triathletes have special training for each event in the race. Since the events require you to finish a very long distance, the training they do for each event is more difficult than the normal training you usually get.

Triathlete swimmers train their bodies for different things.

•Triathlete swimmers need really high endurance and must train rigorously for them to achieve it.

•Triathlete swimmers must know how to control each muscle in their body to prepare them for multiple events other than swimming.

•They require a lot of strengthening for the long and grueling race up ahead.

How do you know what kind of training suits you?

So you now know how far you need to swim for the first leg of the triathlon. But you’re not quite sure what workout routine is best. You need to take a lot of things in to consideration before trying a workout routine for a triathlon swimming event.

•Don’t go for the hard ones just yet. You must know your own capacity. If you are having trouble performing a specific swimming workout routine it might not give you the results you need. You’ll just end up burned out and too tired to do any more workouts.

•Know your weakness. If you know which muscles to strengthen, you can pick out the right training routine that can focus on strengthening that specific muscle group.

•Build on your endurance. Triathlons are extremely long racing events that require lots of energy from your body.

•Be sure to be doing the workout that is designed for the event. Doing normal swimming workouts are fine. But these are not the workout routines designed to prepare you for a triathlon swimming event. You will need advanced swimming workouts that are really designed for such events.

When you have found the swimming workout routine that will help you in the swimming event of a triathlon, make sure to commit to that workout routine and do constant practice.

Where can you find the right routine?

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•routines that teach you how to conserve your energy for the long race ahead

There are so much more that we can offer to help you in your training. We share your commitment to your training and we are here to help you prepare yourself for the toughest race that anyone can probably compete in.

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